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ERATOZ GRP/SMC Tanks are most advanced and practical solution for water storage. Our tanks are made with highest precision panels and components. We select all our components that surpass all requirements of Indian Standards IS:14399 Part 1 & 2, PSB Standards, BS standards, and all universal standards.

ERATOZ tanks are made with NSF certified raw materials and hence our tanks are best for drinking water storage. Our GRP/SMC Panel Tanks have unique design and most advanced structural reinforcement, so as to ensure there is zero contact of water with any metal parts. Our panels have near to glass smoothness, making the tank easy to maintain it is highly resistant to any algae, fungus or growth of any other microorganisms.

Along with the quality of components, the installation is also a critical part of good quality final product. To ensure this, we have most experienced in-house installation teams equipped with latest tools and accessories. We have biggest skilled installation teams to ensure timely and precise installation. We can supply and install the tanks across India and abroad even in most remote and rural locations.

SMC Tank Manufacturer

Installation of SMC / GRP Panel Water Tanks:

  • Overhead: The tank can be installed with steel grillage over RCC / steel staging at required height
  • Buildings: The tanks can be installed on the columns of building roofs with steel grillage base
  • Ground Level: The tanks can be installed with steel grillage on parallel RCC / brickwall columns as base
GRP Water Tank

Advantages of SMC / GRP Panel Water Tanks:

  • These tanks are 100% safe for pure drinking water storage as the panels are made from NSF certified materials
  • Maintains the quality of water for very long duration
  • Light weight, high strength and extremely durable
  • As the assembling of tank is done at site, the components can be easily transported to even the most remote and rural locations having simple road connectivity
  • The size of the tank can be increased and decreased anytime
  • The tanks can be easily dismantled, relocated and reassembled multiple times
  • The tanks can be ideal for use at sub-zero or extremely hot climate conditions as they have inherent insulation properties
  • The life of tank is proven for over 50 years if made with good quality components and installed properly
  • The tanks are ideal for water storage in various industrial units and pharma plants
  • The size of tank can be customised so as to utilize the maximum available space
  • We can make it customized length, width and height as per customers requirements
SMC Water Tank


  • Rural, semi-urban and urban water supply projects
  • Water storage in coastal regions, hilly areas, remote forests and difficult terrains
  • Housing colonies and townships
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial water treatment plants
  • Industrial water storage
  • Military camps, army sites
  • Industrial units, Pharma factories, etc.
GRP Tank Manufacturer


  • ERATOZ™ SMC / GRP panel water tanks are approved and certified by WRAS (UK). Our tanks are conforming to Indian Standards IS:14399 Part 1 & 2, PSB standards and all major quality universal standards. We are an ISO certified company.

Practical Comparison:

Different panel sizes available to achieve the exact desired final tank size Panel size fixed of 1.2mtr X 1.2 mtr
Weight of tank is very less Weight of tank is very high
Excellent water tightness Poor water tightness and frequent leakage issues
Easy to transport and assemble at all sites Being very heavy weight, transportation and assembly is difficult
Purest hygienic drinking water storage maintained Water gets contaminated and has severe effects on health
No effect of weather on the tank Corrosion is a major problem
No need of frequent maintenance Frequent maintenance is required
Total weight of tank is very less Weight of tank is more than 20 times higher
Complete tank can be erected within 1 week, More than 4 months required to erect the tank, and another 2 months for curing the RCC
Easy to transport and assemble at all sites Raw material transportation is very cumbersome and construction is difficult and even not possible at many sites
Excellent water tightness Poor water tightness and frequent leakage issues
Thermal insulation is excellent Thermal insulation is very poor
Tank size can be increased/decreased as per requirement in future Can not increase or decrease the size
Very low maintenance High maintenance with frequent checkups and repairs required
No algae/micro organisms formation Algae formation happens
The raw materials we use are of most premium quality and NSF certified Sources cheap raw materials or cheap panels from others
Double sealant structure of manhole cover, so no dust and pollutants can penetrate inside the tank Single cover structure so dust and pollutants can easily penetrate inside the tank
Most precise panels and all components, so final fitting is accurate Manual or hand drilled panels and components, so final fitting is inaccurate and hence, leakage issues
Most advanced revolutionary structural reinforcement in the world Uses outdated steel reinforcement methods that have severe risks of tank collapse and rusting
All internal components are made from GRP Uses cheap plastic/steel internal components
Best quality HDG fasteners with 4.6/8.8 grades Lowest quality zinc coated fasteners with no grading
Worlds most advanced sealing tapes used to ensure zero leakage Low quality sealing tapes used
Fiberglass roof supports used Cheap PVC / steel roof supports used inside the tank
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