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About Us

Welcome to ERATOZ – Your Trusted Source for Premium Water Storage Solutions!

At ERATOZ, we take pride in being a prominent manufacturer of cutting-edge GRP/SMC Panel Water Tanks and Zinc-Aluminum Water Storage Tanks. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we have become a trusted name in the industry, providing high-quality solutions for all your water storage needs.

ERATOZ is a leading player in the field of large capacity water storage solution, with a rich legacy of delivering top-notch product that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Our expertise lies in the manufacturing of GRP/SMC(Glass Reinforced Polymer/Sheet Molding Compound) Panel Water Tanks, as well as Zinc-Aluminum Water Tanks (popularly known as Zincalume and Galvalume Tanks), designed to withstand the test of time and ensure the safe storage of water in various environments.

Our Products

GRP / SMC Panel Water Tanks

Large Water Tank Manufacturer in India

These tanks are known for their robust construction, corrosion resistance, and versatility.

Zinc Aluminum Water Tanks

Industrial Water Tank Supplier in India

Engineered for strength and longevity, our Zinc-Aluminum Tanks are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

Industrial Water Tanks

Zincalume Water Tank Manufacturer

We make two types of industrial water tanks which are most practical and of latest technology.

Domestic GRP Water tanks

Steel Bolted Water Tank Manufacturer

We offer premium solution for domestic water storage with GRP/SMC two-piece water tanks. Capacity is ranging from 1000 litres up to 6000 litres.

Fire Safety Water Tank Manufacturer

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Industrial Water Tank Manufacturer in India

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Why Choose ERATOZ

Large Water Tank Supplier in India

Two best choices under one roof

We make both types of large capacity water tanks that are most in demand and most practical options. GRP/SMC Panel Tanks are premium option that lasts for over 50 years and Zinc-Aluminum Tanks are most economical option for water storage that lasts for over 20 years. Both these tanks can be installed on ground level and also overhead.

GRP Tank Manufacturer in India

Innovation and Technology

At ERATOZ, we embrace the latest advancements in technology to bring you state-of-the-art water storage solutions. Our GRP/SMC Panel Water Tanks and Zinc-Aluminum Water Tanks are engineered with precision, utilizing the best materials and manufacturing processes.

SMC Panel Tank

Quality Assurance

We adhere to the highest standards of quality, ensuring that each product leaving our facilities meets stringent quality control measures. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, guaranteeing durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance.

SMC Tank Supplier

Custom Solutions

Recognizing that every project has unique requirements, we offer customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's size, shape, or capacity, ERATOZ provides flexibility in design to accommodate your project specifications.

Zincalume Tank Supplier

Environmental Responsibility

ERATOZ is dedicated to sustainability. Our water storage solutions are designed to be environmentally friendly, promoting responsible water usage and conservation.

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Galvalume Water Tank
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